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“Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the official website of GC KORTROS. We are acquainted already. KORTROS is the successor of a well-known Russian company. The plain fact is we grew up, and time has come to change. To your advantage.

KORTROS today is 7 areas of operations where we replicate the approach, but not Projects. We want KORTROS to trigger clear associations in people’s minds.

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Kortros today

16 years in the property market

You need to know that we have never frozen any construction, and we have never hoodwinked co-owners and investors. KORTROS increased construction volumes when other companies reduced them. It allowed the company to make a serious progress in the market.

9000 000 m2
we are building the largest residential complex in Russia

We acted unconventionally and sacrificed marginality, keeping our eyes on the big picture.


Московская обл., Одинцовский р-н, пос. «Перхушково»

В комплексе представлены дома клубного формата от 4 до 6 этажей с большим разнообразием планировочных решений: классические планировки и евроформаты, а также лоты с собственным патио.

Город: Москва

Расположение: Московская обл., Одинцовский р-н, пос. «Перхушково»

Сроки реализации: 2020 — 2023

Bauman House

г. Москва, ул. Новая дорога, вл. 11а, 11б

Bauman House is a Bauhaus-style apartment complex. Bauhaus school was famous for its “form follows function” philosophy. Practicality, convenience, durability and aesthetics are the cornerstone of the project.
Bauman House is situated in the Basmanny District, Central Administrative Okrug, a 5-minute drive from the Third Ring Road and a 10-15-minute drive from the Garden Ring road.

City: Moscow

Location: 11a, 11б Novaya Doroga Street, Moscow

Execution period: 2018 — 2021


г. Москва, ул. Бочкова, вл. 11а, корпус 1, корпус 3, корпус 5

Modern next-generation family-friendly neighborhood located in the quiet green Ostankino District, 10 minutes away from Alekseyevskaya Metro station. The apartment complex not only provides high-quality living space but also organizes a resident community to spend a quality time with friends and family.

City: Moscow

Location: 11a/1 Bochkova Street, Moscow

Execution period: 2018 — 2025


Moscow, Shmitovsky Passage, 39

A multifunction residential complex is located in the central district of the capital, in the immediate proximity to the MOSCOW-CITY.

City: Moscow

Location: Moscow, Shmitovsky Passage, 39

Date of completion: 2016 — 2024

in the development

Kortos is a Russian federal-level real estate developer. Today Kortos group of companies is present in eight regions with over 25 projects. We aim for the future; we are ready to act outside the box and look forward. Our first and most important principle is integrated land development and apartment complex construction for a truly comfortable living.

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