A multifunction residential complex is located in the central district of the capital, in the immediate proximity to the MOSCOW-CITY.

City: Moscow

Location: Moscow, Shmitovsky Passage, 39

Date of completion: 2016 — 2024

A multifunction residential complex HEADLINER is located in the central district of the capital, in the immediate proximity to the MOSCOW-CITY. The uniqueness of the new facility, apart from the unusual for Russia buildings height and saturation with innovative solutions, is the individuality of each house, improvement of the adjacent territory, completeness with social and commercial functions. The BIG CITY territory as a new business, cultural and infrastructural center of the city is a strategically important project for Moscow. Living in the center of a developing district means to have access to the most modern and high quality amenities, social facilities and transport opportunities.

The plan of development of the residential complex HEADLINER includes erection of three buildings. The dominating element of the complex is a 53-storey tower. A distinctive feature of the project will be absence of dull colors and one-size-fits-all solutions. The external finishing includes contrast materials: architectural concrete, natural stone, steel, ceramics, clinker brick. Combination of those elements makes an effect of “construction at different times”. Internal space of the yards is isolated from transport flows, so the residential zone is safety and highly comfortable. In a short time it is planned to unite the Karamyshevskaya and the Krasnopresnenskaya embankments and allocate additional space for pedestrians and automobilists.

Clients are offered studio apartments with an area of 29.5 m2 and 1, 2 and 3-room apartments with an area of 40-117 m2 in shell and core condition or fine finished. Some apartments are equipped with the SMART APARTMENT system which enables individual setup of security systems and utility control. By means of interactive management of the apartment, the system will help to save time, control space and make it more safety and comfortable.

Close to the HEADLINER there are schools, gymnasiums, a kindergarten, a sports school, the Olympic Reserve School, sports complexes, fitness and wellness clubs, an aquatic sports center, a children’s polyclinics and three polyclinics for adults, shopping centers, banks, museums, exhibitions facilities.

Moscow, Shmitovsky Passage, 39

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