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A courtyard for everybody

Our complexes are equipped with a well-developed infrastructure oriented to children of different ages. There are places to do sports equipped with high-quality equipment: training grounds, running and cycling grounds, multipurpose grounds for playing basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis, badminton. Quiet walking paths and recreation areas are also planned to be constructed. Some projects involve special facilities, such as grounds for walking and training dogs, skate parks. Everyone will find a comfortable place to do what they like or spend time in the open air right next to the building they live in.

Comfortable for everybody

All KORTROS’ projects envisage the establishment of a qualitative navigation system in each residential complex. Crossings of walkways and highways are equipped with the systems meant for movement of people with limited mobility without difference in height.

A courtyard without cars

The buildings in our complexes are equipped with double entrance lobbies, one on the outside and the inside of the building-surrounding area. There are no parking lots at the access ways to the courtyards, so a child who goes for a walk immediately gets to the walking area. And, on the contrary, a resident who comes out to go to work in the morning does not need to go around the building on his way to his car.

Planting of greenery

We design planting of greening for our future projects with particular care in accordance with our internal standard. In order to make public places look habitable at once, mature trees and shrubs are planted in our courtyards, as well as lawns and flower beds with flowering plants. All plants set in our complexes are hypoallergenic.

Functional plans

  • A wide choice of space-planning solutions – A large number of space-planning solutions allows the purchaser to choose exactly the area that he needs and can afford.
  • A wide choice of space-planning solutions – When designing the interior space of an apartment, we offer 2-3 options depending on the membership and lifestyle of different families. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Thoughtful plans – We develop our plans with account taken of the future installation of furniture. You do not have to rethink the space and make significant changes.
  • In our plans, each meter is involved, you have to pay for usable space only.
  • A wide choice of finishes – You do not want to waste time, effort and money on finishing your apartment? Or maybe, on the contrary, you wish to invest all your energy to make it cozy? In our buildings you can choose finishes at different stages: “turnkey”, “standard developer’s finish”, “shell and core”.
  • More glazing – The space of even smallest apartments will be spacious and light, – we increased the size of windows.
  • Balcony – Each apartment has a balcony or loggia with a depth of at least 1.2 m. This is a great place to enjoy tea-drinking in a cozy atmosphere of a summer day.

The most important component of the Product offered by Group of Companies KORTROS is KORTROS Intellectual Building. This is not a simple box-type solution, but a whole complex of integrated intelligent systems that are installed in new buildings constructed by the company to make your everyday life more comfortable, safe and economical. Let’s say more – this is a philosophy which main idea is to live in a building that takes care of you.

KORTROS Intellectual Building systems are implemented and successfully used in the residential district Academichesky (Yekaterinburg) and the residential complex Astra (Perm). Currently, the buildings in the residential complex Gilliver (Perm) and the business-class residential complex Serebryany Bor House (Moscow) are being erected using these technologies.


So, what will you economize on with the Intellectual Building system?

- On electricity: the system allows you to turn off all the illumination and supply to electric appliances with one button, adjust an illumination level with the motion sensors. An optimum power and operation time of heated floors can also be adjusted automatically depending on the season and on whether people are present in the apartment or not. The system will be able to turn off or minimize a heat level in certain rooms or when you are not at home.

- On utility services. You no longer need to take meter readings – the system itself sends data into the application and generates a receipt for you – and you can pay bills with a single click on your mobile device. And finally, thanks to the same application, you can buy goods and services at discounted prices from our partner companies. A discount will be calculated automatically when you order products via the application, and if you make a purchase at the store, you will be granted a discount upon presentation of your application identification number.

and health

Set your standards of humidity and air temperature comfortable for you – depending on the room, whether it is a kitchen, a children’s room, a bedroom or a living room – and your Intellectual Building will itself maintain the necessary microclimate parameters.

Moreover: the Intellectual Building system works like a home weather station, it can inform you about the weather behind the window and automatically adapt to meteorologic conditions in order to ensure optimum comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

Today, not only large household appliances (a dishwasher, washing machine, TV set, refrigerator) can be connected to the Intellectual Building system to remotely control and manage their operation, but also pieces of smart furniture.

and control

To make sure that nothing happens with the property in your absence the Intellectual Building system keeps under control both the external perimeter and all vital engineering systems, immediately notifying you in case of any emergency situations.

You can install video surveillance cameras, motion sensors, sensors for detection of intrusion through the front door, windows and balconies, and also integrate your apartment’s security system with the overall security system of the building.

If a leakage sensor in your kitchen or bathroom gets activated, the system will automatically shut off the hot and cold water supply, and you will not flood your neighbors. In your absence, all electric appliances will be turned off to avoid the risk of fire.


The “Multiroom” system connects all electronic devices through the Wi-Fi network – sensors, illumination and heating devices, kitchen appliances, motorized cornices, media and audio equipment – into a common digital space that operates according to ordered scripts or in manual mode.

The system also contains a mobile application that can be installed on your phone or tablet. Thus, you can turn on and off the illumination, floor heating or security alarm system in your Intellectual Building from anywhere in the world.

The application contains a wide choice of scrips that program the “behavior” of your equipment depending on the situation. The script “We are out” turns off illumination, electrical outlets, closes curtains, turns on intrusion detection sensors and informs all family members that the apartment security system has been activated. The script “We are back” rolls back the apartment to the its “inhabited” state and, if you wish, turns on music or, for example, a coffee maker. You can adjust such scrips as “Home alone” (for families with children), “We are on vacation”, “Morning”, “Guests”, “Watching movies” or even make up your own scrips! The scrips can be launched by pressing one button in the application, on the sensor installed in the apartment or even by a voice command.

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